Let’s Cover a Basic Search


Now  that another Alabama summer is upon us, it’s time to get out the old lawn mower and get to work on growing grass.  Problem is, I don’t have time cut grass, weed-eat, bag, blow, and everything else that goes along with it.  Then, there’s the equipment maintenance.  I work two jobs and my down-time is best spent watching TV.  It’s time to call Mountain Brook Lawn Care.  


I found them online at http://www.mountainbrooklawncare.com.  Living on the east side of Birmingham is great.  There’s hundreds of lawn care companies, but Mountain Brook Lawn Care is the best.  They don’t just cut grass.  They manicure a lawn.  They also do edging, tree trimming, sod installation, and the most dreaded job: cleaning the gutters.


What attracted me is their website.  It came up on top of the search engine.  It was clean, neat, had great photos of their work and had a list of services.  Eye-catching and to to-the-point is what internet customers like me look for.  


I didn’t always have it so good.  Several years ago, I rented a house in McCalla.  It was the country part of McCalla, surrounded by woods and horse pastures.  With my busy schedule, it was easy to put off my first cut of the season. The lot was about three quarters of an acre. My landlord was nice enough to bring a second-hand Murray mower with an old Briggs motor that he’d found at a yardsale. It only had one bum wheel, but three out of four wasn’t bad.  After several attempts to get it started I gave up, went back in the house and watched TV.  Finally, I began looking for some professional help.  After several weeks the grass was almost knee high.


I found it hard to find someone in the area to cut it.  The first cut is always the toughest and I didn’t want to tackle it myself.  Then, driving by MacAdory High School one day, I came up behind a truck pulling a trailer with a phone number in the back window.  Grabbing my phone, I called the number.  “Hey, I’m behind you and I need an estimate on some yard-work!”  He pulled-over.  


Internet marketing is much more professional.  In this technology era, people go online on their laptops or smart-phones to find everything.  It’s a whole lot more convenient that chasing down a pickup truck!


It took a few days, but he finally showed-up and got to work with a rider while his partner attacked the edges with a weed-eater.  I know I paid too much that day, but I got it done and I went to work fixing the old mower.  It was easy to maintain the yard for the rest of the summer since I only cut those country weeds every two weeks.  


City property on the east-side is different.  You just can’t let it go that long or your neighbors will give you the evil-eye as they walk by.  The lawn has to look good and be cut frequently.  That’s why I call Mountain Brook Lawn Care.  They keep my lawn in line with the Jones’s and don’t charge a fortune.  That gives me plenty of time to relax with my precious down-time.  Where’s that remote?  Let’s see what’s on TV!