The Search Becomes Easier



Now days, marketing is totally different than it was when guys like me were growing up.  Companies like Lawn Care and Maintenance know how to reach their clientele.  Most people grab their smart phones and simply ask it what their looking for.  Not only are these phones smarter than most of their users, they understand them and respond to voice commands.  


Before the internet, marketing was newspaper ads, magazines, and billboards lining the roads and highways,(like we really need to be reading them while we’re driving).  The funny thing is, they’re still there, but in every ad in print, TV, or billboards there’s always a www.something (Stop the car!  I have to jot down that website!).


We’re a culture spoiled by convenience. we’re just too busy to grab a phone book and look up a number. Where the telephone book used to be huge now it looks like a small magazine. The Yellow Pages are on our devices. You would think that all the free time technology gives us would free us up to do other things that we enjoy. However, we are busier than ever.  


People used to just stop by the visit.   It was always a nice surprise. We would go out to eat after church. Now, those of us who are not too busy to go to church rush out the door because we have something important to do with the rest of our day. Remember when we used to take naps on Sunday afternoon? Who does that anymore? And when we used to hang out and talk and laugh, now we spend virtual time together texting and sharing pictures on social media.  That’s pretty cool because we don’t have to carry a bulky photo album around with us, but it’s not the same.  Social media has made us antisocial.  It’s hard to be personable when you can’t look up from your phone to talk to you family and friends.


Don’t get me wrong, I love modern technology and the convenience of having the answers at my fingertips.  But I miss the days when my best friend wasn’t my laptop and my constant companion wasn’t made by Samsung.  I’d like to merge the old and the new.  Make the time to make new friends, enjoy them, go places, hang-out and build relationships.  I’d rather laugh at a wacky friend’s jokes then a Facebook post.
Keywords to optimize hits on a search engine is fantastic for marketing and increasing sales.  Key relationship building?  Priceless.