Your Jargon is making their eyes roll…

SEO jargon picDo you know the old joke, “An SEO agent walks into a bar, saloon, nightclub, beer joint”
Well I have to tell you as old as that is the SEO crowd in mass still are up to thier old tricks. How many more years have to go by before these shysters have a revelation. The old way of doing business has long come and gone.

Let me explain this to you all in plain english. Wait a sec., that is my point. You are sitting in front of a client and your are spilling out acronyms left and right. You know what they are, so I am not going to waste my time typing them all out.

Your potential customer doesn’t want to look like the idiot your trying to make him feel like, so he or she nods his head in agreement in the hopes that you shut your pie hole before his or hers eyes shoot blood.

Speaking of the word “shoot”… how bout you stop *shooting yourself in the foot. Yes the acronyms and jargon might make you feel smarter and superior, but is that really your goal.
Let me talk plainly to you so you in turn can do yourself a favor and talk plainly to your potential new customer or your existing customer.

  • Stop pulling up your analysis report
    Push away the new software you just bought
    Quit distracting yourself with the shiny new technique
    Talk in terms Jo Blow understands

Quit trying to feed your ego by spouting off acronyms, and break everything you do into simple understandable terms.

Believe me, your customer wants to know what your stagtegy is. If you can’t convey it without having hime take a crash course on SEO you are not doing your job.
So here is a simple starting point.

Customer asks: “What exactley is SEO?
Your answer: “The best way for me to explain it is this. Search Engine Optimization is two things.
1. How you talk about yourself on the internet
2. How the rest of the internet talks about you.

See guys its simple.
Citations = Billboards
Links= Votes
Reviews= Reality

Let’s make it easy for the folks and give ourselves a good name. In the end we can do great things for the people we help.