Month: January 2016

Spring has sprung and all the little business people are flocking around. Especially every last outdoor business that you can shake a stick at. The competition is fierce and the question is which business are you going to help in each niche. There is whole list of due diligence that must take place before you decide on which company you are going to deal with. Let’s discuss a few items to check off your list.

Does the business know the value of eyeballs looking at their company. Lets say they are presently using Adwords on google, are they on Angie’s list? These are the companies that know the value of the internet. We all know the business owner that says something like… “Well all you are doing is getting a person to call .. I’m doing the selling. I respond, if you have know one on the phone how can you even make a sell. Well i found a jewel in the rough, a small business in Birmingham Alabama. A lawn care business with a pension for growth. Birmingham Star Lawn Company, is the name. On Angie’s list…check, A few Adword buys …check, a few old school tricks like putting out flyers… absolutely.

Why butt your head up against the wall with some owner stuck in 1995 who doesn’t even know what Facebook is. I think one of them called it “MyFace” If they didn’t have a rich uncle that kept them one foot out of the business grave… you would see that business owner in the welfare line.

We live in a time where one click can put your information in front of thousands. Its time to educate the ones that want to be educated and pray for the rest.

Here is a list of the most common questions I get from competent clients:


Here is a short list of questions I get on a daily basis from customers.

The bottom line is for me to get you unstuck in whatever SEO endeavor you might find yourself. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t assist you in moving past your customer’s pain point.

Tell me how you approach SEO. What will you do for me if I hire you?

Will you explain to me how you specifically view SEO. What are you methods if choose to go with your agency?

I always hear Google tinkers with algorithms. That being the case how can I expect anyone to get me to the promised land of page one.?

I could go on and on but for now I think this will provide a good starting point. I would love to hear all the answers that are swimming around in your big brains. Soon enough my fellow SEO agents. We will get to the correct way to answer these questions. Maybe just maybe prevent you from digging yourself a hole you can’t dig out of.


SEO jargon picDo you know the old joke, “An SEO agent walks into a bar, saloon, nightclub, beer joint”
Well I have to tell you as old as that is the SEO crowd in mass still are up to thier old tricks. How many more years have to go by before these shysters have a revelation. The old way of doing business has long come and gone.

Let me explain this to you all in plain english. Wait a sec., that is my point. You are sitting in front of a client and your are spilling out acronyms left and right. You know what they are, so I am not going to waste my time typing them all out.

Your potential customer doesn’t want to look like the idiot your trying to make him feel like, so he or she nods his head in agreement in the hopes that you shut your pie hole before his or hers eyes shoot blood.

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SEOadvice happy internetListen to me very carefully. If you think I am going to spin your head with SEO acronyms you have come to the wrong site. If you think that the newest technique for giving Google a head fake and slipping into the rankings is contained within these walls… move on.

Have you ever just observed content on the internet and asked yourself how did I come across this site, this blog, this cat video. People the easy answer is the hardest to comprehend. Its all about quality content.  Content makes the world go round. For an in depth look go to:

No not just any content, not just aimless words typed onto your browser page or wordpress site.  The kind of content that makes a difference between a click or a pass, a Like or not.

You have to understand the value that the internet is looking for. If its good enough, sure it can be cat video 3.8 million. Once you can throw away old notions of tricking the internet into doing something for you. Why not you do something for the internet.

This is my starting point. Lets give you the goods coming up in the next post.