Clean and Simple or Snazzy and Pretty

SEO Advice SnazzHi guys, it is time to take a hard look into the world of humans and the universe of search engines. They are not equally exclusive.

We have a major task on our hand. Do we try our best to give the customer the eye candy (enter snazzy site here) they think they want or do we go with authoritative in depth content that we know search engines seek.

This reminds me of this old dude that used to work on my air conditioning unit, Ha I just looked it up: Hoover Heating and Air Repair, anyways he cracked me up, he would always say at the end of a service call “I didn’t do what you wanted I did what you needed.” It would always make me chuckle … but it also reminded me that little saying had power.

Guys and girls, sometimes the customer is not always right. Especially in this business. We know of gazillions of snazzy websites that are gathering dust on page 15. They might of had a few sweet graphics some animation and so on. But in reality, what did they really offer as far content.

Ask yourself what value did they bring to the web. I tell you what that little AC site had enough info to give wikipedia a run for its money. So here we are at a crossroads in the SEO industry. Do we try to make our client go wow at our product… or do we do whats right and make him go wow at his bank account.

Me personally want to actually put value on the incredible vehicle called the web. Good solid work always makes up the difference. Be an athority on what you produce for you web clients.
You will sleep better at night I promise you. Plus you might just learn something on the extra mile.

  1. Integrity
  2. Honesty
  3. Authoritative
  4. Mastery